What is Bitcoin Credit? It is aimed at the customer base of digital currency, the short-term needs of capital turnover, or the value-added demand derived platform products.

How long does the borrower get the loan after the digital currency is credited to the platform? The general lender can receive the digital currency on the platform designated account and receive the platform to the account designated by the lender. The specific time depends on the local bank time of the lender to collect the legal currency.

What if the borrower fails to repay the loan? The platform will contact the borrower and communicate the solution within a limited time. If the customer does not contact or has no willingness to repay, the platform has the right to process the credit digital currency, which is stipulated in the contract.

What if I don't have an expiration date? The platform has a “transfer” function, which can negotiate with the platform to pay the corresponding default fee and withdraw the credited digital currency in advance.

Repayment cycle One-time; one-time payment is due.

Rate rate The current market value of the loan amount/credit currency, the market value of the currency is subject to the price of the When the price of the credit currency changes due to market fluctuations, the contract is stipulated according to the change of the instant credit rate.

What is a quantitative transaction? Quantitative trading refers to the use of quantitative methods to formulate action plans and conduct transactions. In the course of trading, advanced mathematical models are used to quantify disk data, instead of artificial subjective judgments, through historical data repeatedly verified to find a “high probability” strategy that can continue to profit in the future, using computer rapid processing technology, greatly reducing investor sentiment The impact of volatility, avoiding irrational investment decisions in the face of extreme fanaticism or pessimism.

What is the transaction fee? No commission

Is the platform safe? Formal? We are a professional, formal trading platform and your algorithm is 100% safe. We promise that we will do our utmost to ensure that your valuable algorithms are secure and that they are safe. Any user's algorithm is the most valuable asset, and we take the user's strategic security issues very seriously.

What is the trading mode and what is the trading time? With the T+0 trading mode, you can trade at any time. The platform can be traded 24 hours a day.

Bottom mode The currency standard is guaranteed, the revenue is divided into 3:7, and the management fee is 2%.

Unguaranteed mode With a revaluation rate of 90%, a revenue share of 5:5, and a management fee of 2%

What is an investment strategy? Investment strategy is a comprehensive strategy adopted by investors in investment activities to avoid risks and obtain the best returns.

What is a burst? The loss is greater than the margin in your account. After the platform is forced, the remaining funds are the total funds minus your losses, and there is usually a part left.

What is a replacement? What is the role? A short position is when an investor holds a certain amount of digital currency and buys the same digital currency. A short position is a passive response strategy. It is not a good solution in itself, but it is the most appropriate method in some specific situations. The short position is because of the price drop, and the buying behavior is carried out in order to lower the cost of the digital currency. The effect is: to buy the digital currency at a lower price, so that the unit cost price is lowered, in anticipation of bounced out after the short position, and the profit earned by the digital currency bought by the short position makes up for the loss of the high-priced digital currency.

What is Futures Futures (Futures) is relative to the spot, the spot is a commodity that can be delivered in one hand, and the futures are actually not "goods", it is an agreement (contract) that promises to pay the "goods" (target) in the future. - futures contracts. The futures on my platform refers to the digital currency that is owned by the mining company. This financial reference refers to the RHY machine to remove the amount of electricity, and the machine cost is converted into the return rate to the customer.

What is the investment limit? It is limited according to the remaining number of futures purchased.

How is the investment income settled? Settled to the investor account via BTC (Bitcoin).

Can the futures contract expire automatically? Sorry, the platform does not currently have this feature.

Is the investment income fixed? The return varies depending on the selected time period of the target.

After expiration, is it based on purchase price or real-time price settlement? Settled according to the purchase price of the futures price.

Why is the futures contract longer? The lower the price? Because the longer the time the investor spends waiting, the lower the cost of early lock-in.

How is the income after expiration settled? The daily contract revenue will be settled at 14:00 Beijing time every day, and will be remitted to the investor account one day (24h); the profit that the user should receive will be automatically settled after the expiration.

What is the return on investment? The single target "mining" income = the financial income of the target; the estimated income is calculated from the actual operation of the digital asset network, which will change dynamically for reference only.

How to buy? Deposit USD ($) before the official purchase, click “Buy Now” after the sale, and follow the prompts.