LBU Financial Registration Service Agreement

The LBU Financial Registration Service Agreement (hereinafter referred to as “this Agreement”) is a related rights and obligations specification established by the user and the LBU financial platform for the services of LBU wealth management. By accessing and/or using this website, the user accepts and agrees to all terms and conditions of this Agreement. LBU Wealth has the right to modify the terms of this agreement, and the revised agreement will effectively replace the original agreement once it is published. Users can check the latest agreement at any time.

Service Content LBU Wealth uses its own system to provide new services/products to investment users through Internet channels and other means.
For the registration data provided by the user, the user agrees to: (1) provide legal, true, accurate and detailed personal information; (2) update the user information in time if there is any change. If the registration information provided by the user is illegal, untrue, inaccurate or incomplete, the user shall bear the corresponding responsibility and consequences arising therefrom, and LBU Financial reserves the right to terminate the use of LBU financial services by the user.
Provision, modification and termination of services
1. While accepting LBU wealth management services, users agree to accept various types of information services provided by LBU wealth management. The user hereby authorizes LBU wealth management to send business information to their email, mobile phone, mailing address, etc. Users can enter the LBU financial related page to make changes to the user profile.
2. LBU Wealth Management reserves the right to modify or discontinue the service at any time, but will announce the right to notify the user in time. LBU Wealth has the right to modify or discontinue the service and is not responsible for the user or any third party not directly related.
3. If the user disagrees with the modification of this agreement or is dissatisfied with the service of LBU financial management, he can exercise the following rights:
(1) Stop using LBU financial services;
(2) Inform LBU Wealth Management to stop its service through customer service and other channels. After the service is terminated, the user's right to use the LBU wealth management network service is immediately terminated. In this case, LBU Wealth is not obligated to transmit any unprocessed information or unfinished services to the user or any third party not directly related.

Information Privacy 1. The LBU wealth management user information referred to in this agreement refers to information that complies with laws, regulations and relevant regulations and meets the following scope:
(1) Personal information provided to LBU financial management when the user registers for LBU financial management;
(2) User's browser or mobile client data automatically received and recorded by LBU Banking when using LBU wealth management services, participating in website activities or visiting website pages, including but not limited to IP address, website cookies and Web page records requested by the user;
(3) LBU wealth management user personal information legally obtained from business partners;
(4) User personal information obtained by other LBU financial management through legal channels.
2. LBU financial management commitment: LBU wealth management will not disclose the user's password, name, mobile phone number and other non-public information to any third party without legal reasons or prior permission from the user.
3. In the following statutory circumstances, the user's personal information will be disclosed in part or in full:
(1) Disclosure to the user or other third parties with the consent of the user;
(2) Disclosure to third parties as required by the law, regulations, etc., or administrative agencies, to administrative, judicial or other laws;
(3) Disclosure of other LBU financial management in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and other regulations.

User Rights 1. User's username, password and security
(1) The user has the right to choose whether to become a registered user of LBU wealth management. If the user chooses to become a registered user of LBU wealth management, he can create an account by himself. The naming and use of the account is subject to relevant laws and regulations and is ethical. The account must not contain any insults, threats, obscenities, jealousy, etc. that infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others.
  (2) Once the user has successfully registered, he or she will become an LBU wealth management registered user, and will get the account (mobile phone number or email address) and password, and be responsible for all activities and events that occur after logging in to the system with this group of accounts and passwords. The legal responsibility of the account, the behavior, etc. directly or indirectly caused by the account.
  (3) The user is obliged to properly keep the LBU wealth management account number and password, SMS verification code, Google verification code, and the user will be fully responsible for the user name and password, and Google Key Security. The user is responsible for any legal consequences caused by the user's name or password, Google Key leakage, and the property is not responsible for the loss of property caused by the user's own reasons.
  (4) If the user password is lost, you can reset the password by registering the email address. Users should immediately inform LBU of financial management if they find any illegal use of the account or other security breaches.
  2. LBU financial management commitment: LBU wealth management will not disclose the user's password, name, mobile phone number and other non-public information to any third party without legal reasons or prior permission from the user.
  3. Users have the right to participate in various online and offline activities provided by LBU financial management organizations;
  4. The user has the right to enjoy other types of services provided by LBU wealth management according to the regulations of the LBU wealth management website.

User Obligations 1. You must not use this site to endanger national security, divulge state secrets, and must not infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of the state's social collectives and citizens. You may not use this site to make, copy and disseminate the following information: (1) Inciting resistance, undermining the Constitution and laws, and administration (2) inciting subversion of state power and overthrowing the socialist system; (3) inciting secession and undermining national unity; (4) inciting national hatred, ethnic discrimination, and undermining national unity; (5) fabrication or Distorting facts, spreading rumors, disturbing social order; (6) promoting feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, murder, terror, abetment; (7) blatantly insulting others or fabricating facts, others, or other (8) damage to the credibility of state organs; (9) other violations of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations; (10) conduct commercial advertising.
2. Users may not maliciously register LBU wealth management website accounts by any means, including but not limited to multiple account registrations for the purpose of profit, speculation, cashing, and awards. Users should not steal other user accounts. If the user violates the above provisions, LBU Wealth Management has the right to directly take all necessary measures to cancel the benefits derived from the violations, and even to investigate the user's legal liability through litigation.
3. It is forbidden for users to use LBU wealth management as a place, platform or medium for engaging in various illegal activities in any form. Users may not engage in any commercial activities in the name of the Site without the authorization or permission of LBU Financial Management, and may not use LBU wealth management as a place, platform or medium for commercial activities in any form.

Disclaimer 1. Based on the particularity of the Internet, LBU Wealth Management does not guarantee that the service will not be interrupted, and does not guarantee the timeliness and security of the service, and does not assume responsibility for the non-LBU financing. LBU financial management is intended to enable users to securely access and use this website, but LBU Wealth does not warrant or guarantee that this website or its servers are free of viruses or other potentially harmful factors; therefore, users should use industry-recognized software to kill any The virus in the LBU financial download file.
2. LBU Wealth Management is not responsible for the failure to save, modify, delete or store the information published by the user. It is not responsible for typographical errors, negligence, etc. caused by the intention of LBU financial management. LBU Wealth has the right but not the obligation to improve or correct any omissions or errors in any part of this website.
3. Unless LBU Wealth Management expressly agrees in writing, LBU Wealth Management does not guarantee any content information, including but not limited to advertising, obtained from the Website by the User in any way (including but not limited to inclusion, via, connection or download). Its accuracy, completeness, and reliability; LBU Financial is not responsible for any products, services, information or materials purchased or obtained by users due to the content information on this website. The user is solely responsible for the risks associated with the use of the information content of this website.
4. All notices sent to users, LBU wealth management will be delivered through formal page announcements, station letters, emails, mobile phone text messages or regular letters. LBU Financial Management does not assume legal responsibility for any activities or information such as winnings, offers, etc. that are not obtained through the LBU financial management formal pipeline.

Applicable law and referee location 1. All disputes, claims or other matters arising from or related to the use of the LBU wealth management website by the user are subject to local laws.
2. If a user disputes with LBU financial management, it should first be resolved through negotiation in good faith. If the negotiation fails, the lawsuit shall be filed in the People's Court of the LBU financial management location.

Risk Tips: Choose the order you want to invest based on your investment preferences. After you lock in the amount, please complete the investment within 30 minutes.
Important note: Please read the investment service agreement and invest in the operation. The platform does not promise to protect the interest and interest, and all losses may be borne by the investor. Please understand.
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