Bitcoin Quantification Maximum monthly return rate of 15%

born to quantify

The LBU Quantitative Platform is a professional platform for quantitative investment research.

We believe that a scientific approach to investment can help you generate revenue and reduce risk. Here, you can easily conduct investment research and write your own strategy and exchange ideas with the national 100,000+ excellent quant.

LBU Investment Strategy

major exchange API interface mechanisms


event mechanism

large event early warning mechanism to ensure timely stop loss in the digital currency market


quantitative strategy

tailor-made, efficient, flexible, and unique quantitative investment strategy to easily obtain higher and more stable investment income



coverage of network-wide strategy research / backtest / simulation / firm / analysis


high efficiency

real-time synchronization of the world's top 30 exchange API interfaces

quantitative investment strategy

The so-called quantification is to objectively analyze and make decisions through massive data, and use the model to capture the spread and obtain sustained and stable returns, thus avoiding human subjective factors. Hedging is the use of paired trading to find arbitrage space, ignoring the bear bull market, the market can be profitable, so as to avoid systemic risks.

we have a professional team engaged in digital currency to maximize the income of investors

cooperation mode

bottom mode

currency standard guarantee income share 30%:70%

no guarantee mode

90% retracement rate 50%:50%

cooperation statement

1 entrusted currency transaction

2add a strategy based on the number of coins

3 monthly settlement

historical revenue record

timed trading, real-time revenue monitoring, historical trading analysis. Easily become the winner of quantitative trading

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