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Supply and demand information list

Mining machine supply and demand information

Unsecured transaction, C2C over-the-counter trading area

【Transfer】 Pangolinminer M20S 68T Used all-i 6tower

Used all-in-one machine, last

2021/10/15 19:20:24

Whatsminer M20S 68Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Antminer S19 Pro 110T Second-han 14tower

Second-hand all-in-one machine

2021/10/15 19:24:13

Antminer S19 Pro 110Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Rx 470 8 Used whole 60tower

Second-hand graphics card mach

2021/10/15 19:24:41

Rx 470 8general user


【Transfer】 Antminer S19 Pro 110T With warra 23tower

Second-hand with an official w

2021/10/15 19:21:07

Antminer S19 Pro 110Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Antminer S19 95T brand new! 19tower

Shipment within seconds of pay

2021/10/15 19:21:35

Antminer S19 95Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Antminer T19 84T New spot a 74tower

Brand new all-in-one machine f

2021/10/15 19:42:05

Antminer T19 84Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Innosiliconminer A10pro 720M-7G vi 38tower

Second-hand spot with power su

2021/10/15 19:22:41

Innosiliconminer A10progeneral user


【Transfer】 Antminer L3+ Used with 22tower

Payments will be issued in sec

2021/10/15 19:25:12

Antminer L3+general user


【Transfer】 Pangolinminer M21s Second-han 70tower

Stock second-hand all-in-one,

2021/10/15 19:25:48

Whatsminer M21sgeneral user


【Transfer】 Antminer S17-pro 53T Second-han 40tower

Payment is issued in seconds,

2021/10/15 19:29:34

Antminer S17-pro 53Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Pangolinminer M20S 68T Second-han 32tower

The second-hand all-in-one mac

2021/10/15 19:23:12

Whatsminer M20S 68Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Antminer Z15 Second-han 23tower

Spot second-hand, same day pay

2021/10/15 19:26:26

Antminer Z15general user


【Transfer】 Antminer Z11 Used with 9tower

Second-hand with ant official

2021/10/15 19:30:02

Antminer Z11general user


【Transfer】 Antminer Power Second-han 1000tower

Out of 1,000 third-generation

2021/10/15 19:26:54

Antminer Powergeneral user


【Transfer】 Avalonminer A1166 Used with 400tower

Spot all-in-one machine with p

2021/10/15 19:27:29

Avalonminer A1166general user


【Transfer】 Innosiliconminer T3+ Used all-i 20tower

Shipped in Xinjiang! The machi

2021/10/15 19:31:52

Innosiliconminer T3+general user


【Transfer】 InnosiliconminerT2T 30T Second-han 122tower

Shipped from China, second-han

2021/10/15 22:14:32

InnosiliconminerT2T 30Tgeneral user


【Transfer】 Pangolinminer M20S 65T Second-han 460tower

Second-hand all-in-one machine

2021/10/15 22:12:20

Whatsminer M20S 65Tgeneral user



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New miner, warranty by factory
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