Antminer Power APW7
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  • Antminer Power APW7
  • Antminer Power APW7
  • Antminer Power APW7
  • Antminer Power APW7
  • Antminer Power APW7

Antminer Power APW7

new warranty
A high-efficiency DC power supply
84.97 (84.97)
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After-sales service provided by PANDA BASE
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Product Details

1. This product is brand new power supply, full payment is required, and the logistics freight is to be paid on collection, and the specific freight must be contacted with the logistics supplier;

2. Delivery time: 10 working days after payment

3. Please select the payment method in time after placing the order. The payment cannot be confirmed for orders without payment method.

After-sales service

The terms of this product's after-sales service are as follows. Once purchased, it is deemed to be an agreement to these terms.

1. Once you have paid for the mining machine, you will enter the ordering process and cannot be returned. Please order carefully.

2. The warranty period of the mining machine product is 180 days from the date of shipment (please contact the mining machine manufacturer for warranty).

3. Due to market fluctuations, product prices may be adjusted at any time after you purchase. We do not assume the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.

Purchase notification from LBU.COM

machine has a standard hashrate, but there still has discrepancy when it works, it is normal.

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