Pangolinminer M3 Split machine
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  • Pangolinminer M3 Split machine

Pangolinminer M3 Split machine

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hasgrate:12.5TH/s power:2.1KW Rated voltage:12V
Energy consumption ratio:185W/T ±10%
other spec
size:380*130*220mm weight:4.1kg connection:Ethernet
Operating temperature:-5℃~40℃ Operation humidity:5%RH~95%RH

Product details:

a. This item does not contain power supply, full payment is required, freight collect;

b. Delivery time: after the confirmation of payment, within ten working days.


Payment instructions:

1. After placing an order, please remember to contact customer service staff to confirm the current price of the product; if not, the order is invalid.

2. After placing an order, please select the payment method in a timely manner, the order without selecting the payment method can not be paid.



After-sales service:

Mining rigs are different from consumer electronics: they are specially customized products according to customers' demand, and can also be thought as a investment, which requires your caution. This product after-sales service policy is as follows:


a, After payment for the mining rigs, which enters the ordering process, the order can not be cancelled, so please be noted.

bService of testing second-hand mining rigs from the sales are free.

c. Due to fluctuations of price in the market, after your purchase, the price of the product may be adjusted at any point. We do not assume the obligation of prior notice and price compensation.

d. Because the products are being updated frequently, so the goods you receive may not be exactly the same as the pictures and product description, please refer to the actual goods received.

Output analysis comparison

miner type Hashrate Electricity bill power Electricity/day Gross profit/day ?
This data is from HUOBIN, will update every 10 minutes
Net prfit/ day ?
This data is from HUOBIN, will update every 10 minutes。
Propotion of electricity charge shutdown coin price ?
Shutdown price means the price when the profit can not support the electricity cost, also means the cost price for dig out the coin
currebt coin price ?
This data is from HUOBIN, will update every 10 minutes。
recover days
Pangolinminer M3 (BTC) 12.5TH/s $0.04 2.1KW $1.81 $3.57 $1.77
$22437.13 $44406.03 101
Pangolinminer M3 (BTC) 12.5TH/s $0.04 2.1KW $2.05 $3.57 $1.52
$25492.14 $44406.03 117
Pangolinminer M3 (BTC) 12.5TH/s $0.06 2.1KW $2.87 $3.57 $0.7
$35689 $44406.03 255
Pangolinminer M3 (BTC) 12.5TH/s $0.06 2.1KW $3.12 $3.57 $0.45
$38744 $44406.03 394

Purchase notification from LBU.COM

machine has a standard hashrate, but there still has discrepancy when it works, it is normal.

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