Bitcoin mining is approaching half a day, and early entry can take the lead.

November 21, 2020
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Bitcoin mining is approaching half a day, and early entry can take the lead.


Since April of this year, BTC has started a continuous upward trend. Starting from $4,000, it broke through several major pressures of $6,000, $8,000, $10,000, and $12,000, and once stood at a high of $14,000.


The secondary market seems to be chaotic and disorderly. But if you look closely, every wave of the market has a fundamental reversal of the bears, and there is a strong market value consensus (long-term positive) as the basic support of the market.


The biggest role of the secondary market is to amplify this positive expectation, and the bookmakers profit from the market sentiment that is encouraged. Of course, as a retail investor, you should also know your position in the secondary market.


For all bitcoins that use the pow consensus mechanism, periodic production cuts are their biggest positive news. From the historical experience, almost all encrypted digital assets facing production cuts will usher in a long-term positive market, and after the production cuts, due to the deflation effect of sudden decline in output, the high probability will form a strong foundation for the new market.


The recent pow mechanism to encrypt digital assets is periodically reduced by the LTC, which halved the mining incentives in August, and the most inspiring mood in the secondary market is bitcoin digging in late May next year. The mine is expected to be halved.


Under the expectation of a significant profit reduction in bitcoin production, funds in the secondary market have begun to enter the market in advance, which is the fundamental reason for the conversion of bears and cattle from April.


Compared with the hot market in the secondary market, the reaction to the expected reduction in production in the mining circle is more intense and more concealed, silent but more tragic.


One: What is Bitcoin halving and historical Bitcoin halving


According to Nakamoto's design of the bitcoin issuance mechanism in the Bitcoin white paper, the only way to issue bitcoin is for the node to obtain bitcoin rewards by seeking the right to record on the chain (mining).


The number of bitcoins awarded to miners who have obtained the bookkeeping rights in different periods in history is different. Nakamoto has designed a diminishing reward mechanism for miners. A total of 21 million bitcoins are excavated for 210,000 blocks, and mining incentives are automatically halved.


The current Bitcoin mining award is in the second production reduction cycle, with a reward of 12.5 BTCs per digging. By the end of May next year, the bitcoin mining award will enter the fourth halving cycle, when the reward will be reduced to 6.25 BTC.


Yield deflation is an important feature of Bitcoin, and deflation also makes the value of Bitcoin rising. Every time before and after the periodic production cut, there will be a round of bull market coming.


Some people have already counted: In history, the first halving of Bitcoin occurred in 2012. In the first halving interval, the price of Bitcoin recorded a surge from $12 to $994, an increase of 8000%.


The second halving of Bitcoin occurred in 2016, which is the current cycle we are in. Bitcoin skyrocketed from around $650 to $20,000 at the end of 2017, up by 3,000%.


The halving of history has given Bitcoin dozens of times and hundreds of times of increase. Today we are in front of the next halved door, and all participants in the market are holding their breath to wait for the miracle of bitcoin to reappear.


Two: halving the dispute, the parties involved are close to crazy


As the closest group to Bitcoin, the miners have the deepest understanding of the power of halving Bitcoin. At present, most miners experience at least one bitcoin halving. Older miners have even started mining since the first halving, and experienced the wealth fission effect brought about by two halving.


Sichuan Fengshui Power encountered an opportunity to halve Bitcoin, and every miner had a reason to fight hard. The total network computing power began to surge, reaching 70EH in two months. At the beginning of the year, this figure was only about 30EH, and the difficulty of mining was soaring by more than 10% every two weeks.


The miners bought all the new and old computing machines on the market together with the delivery of futures after half a year. It is hard for outsiders to imagine the fierce competition.


According to the current increase in the difficulty of computing power, the previous generation of mining machines will lose all mining benefits by the end of this year, and millions of mining machines will be completely reduced to scrap iron.


The number of people preparing to enter is still increasing. From the user growth data of RHY Global Mine, the number of newly registered users in the past three months has exceeded the number of user registrations in the past year, and there have been many sounds of old miners who can't buy machines.


The miners now have a little bit of madness and no survival.


The market halving has quietly started in April this year, although in less than a year, Bitcoin has risen by 300%.


Every day, there are tens of thousands of unprocessed transactions waiting to be confirmed on the Bitcoin network, and the market heats back to the 17-year bull market overnight.


Compared to the miners' access to bitcoin at the lowest cost, the second class is more interested in getting the benefits from the market's violent fluctuations for the first time. After failing to hit the $15,000 mark, Bitcoin experienced several large-scale corrections and once fell below the $10,000 mark.


Some people have been locked up again, while others have earned a huge amount of interest from several bands.


The investment institution is hailed as the trigger of this bull market, because the concentrated admission of institutional funds makes the market recover quickly. The well-known digital asset investment institution Grayscale Investment Company holds more than 200,000 bitcoins and purchases more than 8,000 bitcoins from the market each month.


It can be seen that no matter whether it is a miner, a secondary market or an investment institution, in the face of the upcoming market, all parties are not spared the effort to obtain the largest amount of bitcoin in the way they are good at.


Three: How do you participate in this round of bull market as a newcomer?


When will the newcomer enter? How can we grasp the opportunity to halve Bitcoin? This kind of problem is what every outsider is most eager to know now.


In theory, it is appropriate to enter the market before Bitcoin is halved. Of course, the earlier the opportunity to enter, the greater the chance of admission.


It is more feasible and worry-free for newcomers to choose to vote for bitcoin or to rent mining power.


The fixed investment is based on its own funding arrangements, regular (day / week) fixed purchase of a certain amount of bitcoin.


The advantages of fixed investment are: it is relatively simple and feasible, and it can quickly complete its own fund allocation without missing the market.


The downside is that the secondary market is too volatile, and newcomers are prone to losses due to short-term market fluctuations.


Lease calculation power mining is through the power rental platform to buy computing products for mining to obtain bitcoin.


The advantages of the power lease are: convenient, no technical threshold, and can obtain bitcoin at the lowest cost, which is less affected by the fluctuation of the secondary market and is suitable for the novice to hold for a long time.


The disadvantage is that mining is a long-term process that requires patience. At present, most of the computing platforms on the market except the RHY platform have no spot computing products.


Finally, once you have completed your fund allocation, you should wait patiently for the halving of the market. From the historical experience, Bitcoin has never let people who believe in him disappoint. The only difference is the length of time. Take your own tickets.