Is it better to buy coins under the current currency price or bitcoin mining?

August 19, 2020
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Bitcoin rushed to 14551.5927 US dollars. Is it better to buy coins under the current currency price or bitcoin mining?


The price of the currency broke through 11350.2423 US dollars, which is close to the 11641.2741 US dollar mark. The strong signal of the bull market is getting stronger and stronger. Investors are also optimistic about the prospects of the currency price, and believe that this wave of market can rush to 14551.5927 US dollars. Although investors are optimistic about the currency price, many new investors are very hesitant about whether to buy coins or buy bitcoin. After all, this is the two most direct investment methods for bitcoin. What do we think of this? How to invest at this stage, is it good to buy coins or bitcoin? Let's discuss it separately.

First of all, we talk about buying coins directly. Investors who have just entered the market often feel that it is very convenient to buy coins. But his risk is also the biggest, because a coin may rise 50% in a day, or it may plunge 50% in the next day. For example, if you buy Bitcoin today at a high of $1,135.423, you will lose $10,000 in a few hours. Because buying coins and playing coins is a heartbeat. If you don't have enough psychological capacity and risk tolerance, it is recommended that investors are still far away.


And buying bitcoin mining, in fact, this way is more stable than buying coins, more suitable for long-term investment. Because the cost of bitcoin mining is generally relatively fixed, as long as the cost can be controlled and scaled up, the profit is very considerable, and at this stage is a good time for mining, the price of the currency rises, the electricity bill is cheap, and the price of the mining machine is stable. . As long as investors buy high-quality mining machines and continue to operate mining machines, they will get stable income. The price/performance ratio of buying coins at this stage is not very high, and more is risk.


At this stage, mining with mining machines is the least risky and cost-effective way to acquire coins. There are many investors who understand this truth. Therefore, in the recent past, spot mining machines have been robbed, and many Bitcoin mining machines have been out of stock. At present, most of the mainstream bitcoin mining machines will be shipped in September. If you continue to wait, the bonus period will miss half. At present, the bitcoin mining machine with great computing power has only a small amount of spot in the core mining machine, and the core T2T series continues to ship in June, which is the only “quasi-spot” mining machine on the market in 2-3 months.


There are also many people who choose second-hand mining machines. After the arrival of the flood season, the total network computing power will rise rapidly, and second-hand mining machines may soon be forced to shut down, so it is necessary to consider them carefully. Be sure to use the best bitcoin mining machine to meet this crucial bitcoin mining bonus period. The big bitcoin mining machine is now in the market, it is a very popular phenomenon. If the miner can't find a good spot mining machine, you can choose the big power mine that suits you on the RHY platform. Machines, there are a number of large-scale bitcoin mining machines such as ant mining machine S17 and core mining machine T2T and Shenma mining machine M20, and more mining machine rental, cloud computing power, etc.which can provide electricity costs as low as 0.03638 US dollars per kWh. The mine service helped the miners to win the dividend period of the currency price.