New mining trends: buying a mining machine is not as good as renting a mining machine

February 20, 2021
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New mining trends: buying a mining machine is not as good as renting a mining machine


The bitcoin mining industry is changing with each passing day, especially now, it has entered the era of professionalism. From the mining machine, power resources, equipment transportation to mine selection, each link can not be easily ignored, plus newcomers just entering the market are not well aware of the industry, and may be minefield every step. As a result, there have been mining machinery and self-built mines, but some professional mines have high electricity costs, and the cost of self-built mines is large, which invisibly raises the threshold for individual mining. As the saying goes: There is a market for demand. In order to meet the mining needs of the majority of users, the mining machine rental business of the mine has appeared.


Mining machine rental tailored for miners


Mining machine leasing has become a new fashion for bitcoin mining. It has become hot in the miners. With its ultra-low threshold and flexible time, it has greatly reduced the risk of users participating in mining and making mining revenue more stable. Help the miners get out of the game and seize the opportunity to mine. Taking the mining machine leasing business of RHY mine as an example, RHY mining machine leasing is a new mining business after the cloud computing mining. Different from previous products, the lease time of mining machines ranges from 90 days to 720 days, and users can flexibly choose the lease term according to their own needs.


rental rental product classification


rental leasing products are mainly divided into three types, namely: 90-day period, 180-day period, and 720-day period. In different time-limited products, the customer's different mining needs are greatly satisfied. From the purchase of the mining machine to the production of revenue, the RHY mine strictly controls all the operational problems in the mining process. One of the reasons why the RHY mine can be favored by customers is that the mining machine rental products of the platform can be Buy and dig, rent and dig, no need to wait. Choose RHY mining machine leasing, layout Bitcoin mining in advance, and share the mining carnival where the price of coins rises.