The price of coins continues to rise, driving the bitcoin mining machine to snap up. Many ant mining machines are sold out.

October 22, 2020
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The price of coins continues to rise, driving the bitcoin mining machine to snap up. Many ant mining machines are sold out.


Bitcoin rose above the 13101.0088 US dollar and reignited the enthusiasm of the Bitcoin mining market, but it also led to a large-scale outage of the Bitcoin mining machine market. It is understood that the first-hand mining machine on the market is seriously out of stock, and the ant mine machine series of the Bitian mainland official website has been sold out. The Jianan Zhizhi Avalon mining machine series have been sold out, and the Yibang International Wing Bit Mining Machine series are sold. Finish. The news that a series of mining machines are sold out shows the current hot market for mining.


It can be said that the rise in the price of this round of currency has once again brought great confidence to the miners involved in mining. In addition, under the tight production capacity of the mining machine, bitcoin mining machines of Bitian, Yibang International and Jianan Zhizhi were seriously out of stock. On the official website of the three major mining machine manufacturers, the mainstream ant mining machine, Avalon mining machine and Wingbit mining machine products have been sold out. At present, only the Avalon mining machine 1041 of Jianan Zhizhi can be reserved, but The fastest is the futures mining machine in August.



Bitcoin mining machines are out of stock, and some sources said that in addition to the surge in market demand, the market demand is soaring. Another important reason is that the upstream suppliers can provide limited supply of chips. The shortage of upstream chip supply has caused the production capacity of mining machine manufacturers to be tight, which has led to the shortage of production of mining machines. When the mining machine was seriously out of stock, but the market demand is still rising, Shenzhen Huaqiang North second-hand mining machine business is popular, it is understood that the price of Bitcoin mining machine has almost doubled.



The accelerated opening of the bitcoin bull market has made the miners' stocks unprepared, and the second-hand market of the mining machine has ushered in a carnival moment. A large number of second-hand mining machines, second-hand ant mining machine T9+10.5T, second-hand ants L3+L3++, ants S914T500, the above mining machine, power supply is not required. "A number of long-awaited Shenzhen Huaqiang North mining machine exchange WeChat community, mining machine sellers have once again become active, similar to this type of second-hand mining machine recycling advertising overwhelming. And the mining machine supply is insufficient, the mining machine price also The water has risen high. After half a year of “mine disaster”, from the mining machine manufacturers, mine owners to retail miners, the entire mining market has begun to be restless.