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1. Register and log in to the website

1. New user registration: Click "Free Registration" at the top of the homepage, enter the registration page, enter your email address, password and verification code, and follow the prompts to complete the registration.

2. Old user login: Click "Login" at the top of the homepage, and after entering the login page, enter the email address, password and verification code to complete the login.

3. Click "Register Now" to complete the registration. Please be sure to fill in personal information in detail when registering;

4. For forgotten passwords, we provide the function of retrieving the password. Please enter your user name and e-mail address when registering on the retrieve password page. The system will help you retrieve your password through e-mail authentication. You can also retrieve it through the security question, enter "Buyer Center" → "Account Settings" → "Login Password" → "Change Password" to complete the security question;

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