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Beginner's Guide

How to order goods?

You first browse our website and select products. When you see the products you are satisfied with, you can order directly on our website.

To register as a member, please log in to the mall, fill in the delivery address and contact number in the user center, then place and submit the order directly in the mall, and contact online customer service.


Our advantage

Our operation team comes from the field of e-commerce and Bitcoin and has extensive experience. Our agency is officially certified.

We will bring you high-quality goods and more favorable prices in the digital currency world.

All products are authentic products and are packaged by the original factory.

All products are directly supplied by the manufacturer to protect the interests of consumers.

We provide professional technical services, and you can contact technical team for solutions if you have any problems.


Is your commodity spot or futures, can we make a appointment?

Our mall products will identify futures or spot and specific delivery time on the product introduction page. Accept the appointments.


Can all products be purchased on the website?

At present, all the items found on the website can be ordered, but we can only confirm with you when there are products in stock. For some hot-selling products, you can contact customer service to make an arrival notice. After the goods arrive, we will notify you immediately via QQ or email.


Why should a member?

Registered users can order online and enjoy preferential member prices.

Only registered users can log in to the "Member Center" to use more member shopping functions and manage their own information.

Only registered users can inquire about goods and invoice numbers at any time, and track logistics information.


What should I do if I forget my password?

In order to protect the interests of customers, we cannot see your password. When you forget your password, please log in to the registration page and click "Forgot Password", enter the registered email address or mobile phone number. The system automatically sends you the verification code. After submitting the verification code, click "Next" to change the password and confirm that your password change is successful.


Why doesn't the LBU mining machine store open a store on Taobao?

1. The price of the mining machine changes too fast, and the price of a 10,000 yuan mining machine can be reduced to 3,000 yuan within a month. For example, customer A bought a mining machine for 5000 yuan today, but the mining machine manufacturer adjusted the price to 3500 yuan the next day. The price drops before the customer even receives the goods, which is sure to be upset. There will be disputes when Taobao intervenes. Therefore, customers have to be reminded that they need to bear the risk of price fluctuations.

2. The Bitcoin market fluctuates greatly. In the past, Bitcoin has skyrocketed or plummeted greatly in one day. For example, customer A bought a mining machine when the price of Bitcoin was 4,000 yuan, but the next day there was negative news, and Bitcoin plummeted to 2,500 yuan. Assuming a purchase on Taobao, the customer may request a refund for the return without confirming the receipt. Therefore, we remind customers that once the mining machine is sold, it cannot be returned. If there is any quality problem, we promise to repair and exchange the product.

3. At present, the sale of mining machines is banned on Taobao. The main body of our sales is the mall. Pay first and ship later, because we have to make payment to the manufacturer before the manufacturer will arrange the shipment. After delivery, we have the order number feedback to the ordering customer. Currently the mall only supports USDT or RMB payment methods.


Can we self-pick mining rmachines?

The mining machines are shipped directly from the factory. Due to the frequent price cuts, LBU mining machine mall does not stock up. Therefore, customers who want to pick up by themselves must make a payment first, and then we can help the customer contact the manufacturer to obtain the address for the pick-up. Thank you for your support!

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