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Joining agreement

LBU mining machinery mall provides high quality mining machines, power supplies, and accessories to individuals, distributors, and mining fields. Brand owners and distributors from all around the world are welcome to join, to create a concise, efficient and safe ecological chain for blockchain mining. 


Joining conditions

Requirements for joining LBU mining machine malls are as followed:

1) Merchants need to provide true information and data including: Self-employment qualification, business qualification, and product introduction to LBU mining machinery mall for evaluation.

2) LBU mining machinery mall: Data authentication is required for registering stores,  personal ID needs to be provided for individual stores, Business license is required for enterprise stores.

3) Deposit is required for LBU mining machine mall activation, please activate your store, in order to operate normally.

Individual stores activation: 1000 USDT and personal ID.

Oversea business stores activation: 5000 USDT and business license.

4) Joining personal or enterprise store must be over 18 years of age, and able to take legal responsibilities.

5) LBU mining machinery mall attracts investments from mining machine sellers globally, provide joining services, application process, and instructions for fee collections, based on the regulation page of LBU mining machinery mall.

6) Closing stores:

Closing individual stores: 1month after store activation, deposit is refunded after 7 working days.

Closing oversea enterprise store: 3 months after store activation, deposit is refunded after 30 working days.

Announcement and commitment

1. Please confirm that youve fully understood and accepted the terms and conditions of this agreement before joining, and you will fully comply with the commitments of this agreements after start using services.

2. Please note, that LBU mining machinery mall has the right to make amendments to this agreement based on the changes of national laws and regulations ;Demand of business adjustments, products updates and transaction orders maintenance . Public announcement will be made on www.lbu.com, and we will not inform you individually. If you keep using the service after the announcement we made for agreement amendment, meaning you are fully agreed to the amended agreement, and will keeping using services after complying with the amended agreement. If you disagree with the amended agreement, then the termination of the service is needed.

3. You need to be the natural or legal person, or a legally prescribed organization  thats fully capable for civil conducts, and able to take civil liabilities individually, when you agree to this agreement and activate your store; This agreement should not be prohibited by your country or region. You should terminate registration or stop using the service if you are not qualified for the above conditions.

4. LBU mining machinery mall regulation includes all the regulations thats been published in the past or announced in the future, as well as the regulations, interpretations, public announcements thats published in help centre, including various rules, implementation rules, product process description and announcement. Youre obligated to comply with the all the regulations of LBU mining machinery mall. 


Service Fee

1. Considering that LBU mining machinery mall provides services such as exposure, marketing promotion and for business firms and pay a large cost providing that service. Promotion service fee will be charged for orders completed through LBU mining machinery mall. To avoid ambiguities, both sides need to confirm that Complete Order” mentioned previously, meaning transactions through LBU mining machinery mall.

2. The merchants should be aware, that LBU mining machinery mall has the right to make adjustments for charging rate and method according to business planning and development, merchants that'd be willing to keep using the service will be charged according the latest charging rate and method.  

3. Technical service fee will be paid according to the percentage of actual transaction amount by merchants operating with LBU, based on <Types of LBU mining machinery store >

Individual stores: Commission is 10% of the amount of each commodity order.

Oversea enterprise stores: Commission is 10% of the amount of each commodity order. 

Special agreements

4.3.1: LBU mining machinery mall might make amendments to your content of general settings in store background based on the need of your stores’ operation and promotion, and your permission is not required after you agree with the previous terms and conditions, and LBU mining machinery mall will not be held account for this reason. E.g.Commodities will be paid based on platform payment rules after joining LBU.

4.3.2: Once you decide to withdraw from LBU, you will not be able to attend any activities by LBU after you withdraw, and the commodities in your store will no longer be included and displayed by LBU. You will not be able to withdraw from LBU within 30 days after your commoditys successfully joined LBU, unless LBU pulls your commodity off the shelf.  

4.3.3: [LBU Liability Limitations] LBU perform basic guarantee obligations according to law, but are not liable for the breach of contract by the following reasons that causes obstacles, flaws, delays to the performance of the agreement or changes of the content of agreement.

4.3.4:Natural disaster, strike, riot, war, government activities, judicial administrative orders, and other factors of force majeure.

4.3.5:Public service factors such as power supply failure, communication network failure, or Third-party factors.

4.3.6:[Information Assurance] LBU only provide services, information on LBU is self-released, considering that LBU has the characteristics of the separation of information and the actual product under the circumstances of massive information and information network environment, LBU is unable to review the commodity/ service information one by one, as well as the quality, safety, legitimacy and accuracy, therefore you need to ensure that the commodities/or services that you release do not have quality, safety or any other issues, and is able to take responsibility alone.

4.3.7:[Mediation decision ] You agree thatwhen you and consumers have disputes because of commodity trading, LBU customer service and working personnel are not experts in the field, and can solely make judgement under an ordinary persons understanding. Therefore, unless if its intentional or severe failure, you should comply with the mediation decision by LBU, and LBU is not liable for that mediation decision.



Information releasing and commitment

5.2.1:[Information releasing] You can guarantee that you possess legal rights regarding to the information that you release, or else LBU can delete or block your information based on this agreement

5.2.2:[Forbidded information] You need to ensure that the information you release does not include the following contents: 

5.2.3:Violating the prohibitive provisions of national laws and regulations; 

5.2.4:Political propaganda, feudal superstition, obscenity, pornography, gambling, violence, terror or abetting crime; 

5.2.5:Fraudulent, false, inaccurate or misleading; 

5.2.6:Infringing the intellectual property rights of others or involving the trade secrets and other proprietary rights of a third party; 

5.2.7:Insulting, slandering, intimidating, involving other people's privacy, etc. that infringe upon other people's legitimate rights and interests; 

5.2.8: Potential viruses, Trojans, crawlers and other malicious software and program codes that may destroy, tamper with, delete, affect the normal operation of any system of LBU mining machine mall, or secretly obtain the data and personal data of LBU mining machine mall platform and other users without authorization

5.2.9:Other information that violates the social public interest or public morality or is not suitable to be published on LBU mining machine mall according to the provisions of relevant LBU mining machine mall agreements and rules.


 Governing law, jurisdiction or others

1. The service, explanation, amendment, implementation, and dispute all apply to the Laws of the people's Republic of China, if there’s no relevant laws, it will be referred to general international business practices and / or industry practices.

2. If any condition of this agreement is regarded invalid or unenforceable, then it can be separated, the rest of the conditions remain legally valid.

3. If either party of this agreement waives its rights under this agreement in the event of the other party's fault or breach of contract, it shall not be deemed to have waived any other or similar fault or breach of contract of one party in the future.

4. This agreement becomes valid since you complete registration according to the joining procedure LBU mining machinery mall, or after you start using services under this contract. 



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