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Introduction to LBU Mall

After 3 months of meticulous construction, the LBU Hong Kong team officially launched the LBU global mining machine trading platform in July 2019. While preparing to build the platform, We  would like to thank Singapore Hash Capital, Hong Kong Consensus Fund, and Singapore BrahmaVC Investment Institution for their financial support. Because there is no guarantee and regulation mechanism for the trading of second-hand mining machines in the mining industry which is chaotic, and services are uneven. LBU hopes to establish a new system and improve ecological services in the industry. Thank you for joining and settled in mine custody services, value-added services, and logistics services around the mining ecology. We hope that through the efforts of the LBU team, miners can obtain quality-guaranteed transactions and convenient mining ecological services on the mining road!

What can LBU Mall do for you?

Where to buy the mining machine? How does a mining machine dealer open an online shop? We provide you with mining machine purchases, mining machine manufacturers entering and opening stores, mining machine hosting and second-hand mining machine sales, etc.

Mining machine sales

Provide transactions for various mining machines, such as Bitcoin mining machines, Ethereum mining machines, Litecoin mining machines, IPFS mining machines, etc. At the same time, it provides second-hand secured transactions and second-hand C2C information. The models sold include: Antminer, Whatsminer, Avalon, Ebit Miner, Innosilicon, etc.

Mining machine hosting

Provide mining machine hosting services and a variety of cooperative hosting models, e.g. portion hosting or whole hosting at domestic mines in the rainy season and the Middle East mining farms.

Mining value-added services

Group purchase and supply by manufacturers, installment payments for mining machines, maintenance services for mining machines, transfer of mining farm assets, construction of mining farms, cloud computing power and mining machine leasing services.


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