ETH mining is more profitable than BTC mining,How to choose an ETH mining box?

May 21, 2022
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Although Bitcoin stands as the largest and most popular digital asset, Ethereum has become the most preferred choice of the miners seeing a higher income generated in 2022.

ETH mining surpassed BTC mining by $260 million in January, $190 million in February, and $130 million in March 2022.

For ETH mining, the biggest factor affecting mining revenue is the ETH mining machine. But unlike Bitcoin mining, ETH mining relies more on graphics cards. However, in order to facilitate the migration of the mine and improve the stability, the ETH mine box is very necessary. Compared with the messy mine rack scheme, the ETH mine box scheme has great advantages in heat dissipation and stability.

The main hardware of the ETH mine box includes: graphics card, motherboard, power supply, hard disk (SSD hard disk above 60G is recommended), CPU, memory, extension cable, adapter cable, monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc. The graphics card determines the ETH mining speed, and the motherboard and power supply largely determine the stability of the ETH mining box.

Compared with Bitcoin, which can only be mined by purchasing professional mining machines developed by mining machine manufacturers, ETH mining is more flexible. ETH mining boxes can be freely assembled according to the miners’ own financial strength. All graphics cards, motherboards and power supplies are Can be purchased separately. Of course, miners can also buy matching ETH mining boxes and assemble them by themselves.

Take the 8-card 5700XT graphics card server launched by LLGO as an example. As the name suggests, this is actually an ETH mining box with eight 5700XT graphics cards. The daily output of this ETH mining box is about 0.00470000 ETH, and the value is about $11.25. ETH mining can allow miners to earn huge profits.

Due to the high difficulty of BTC mining at present, many miners are transferring to ETH mining. However, it should be noted that since ETH2.0 is coming soon, it is not a wise choice for miners to buy a graphics card to assemble the ETH mining box by themselves, because we do not know when the ETH mining will end, and assemble the ETH mine by yourself. There is an investment risk in the box.