Bitland plans to sell ant mining machine chips to provide 33 million T calculations next year

December 17, 2020
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Bitland plans to sell ant mining machine chips to provide 33 million T calculations next year


In this year's bull market, in addition to the joy of miners, mining machine manufacturers have stepped up their pace of expanding their investment. It is understood that the mining giant Bitcoin has scheduled 30,000 30,000 wafers in the third and fourth quarters of TSMC. The production capacity of the film. According to the 7nm mining machine models sold in Bitland (currently sold out), mainly for ant mining machine S17-53TH/s, ant mining machine T17-40TH/s and ant mining machine S17 Pro-56TH/ s, in which each ant S17 or ant S17Pro mining machine has 144 chips, and the ant T17 is 90 chips.


According to the difference in IC design power, a 12-inch wafer can be roughly cut into 2500-5000 ASIC miners. According to professional analysis, a 12-inch 7nm nano wafer can roughly cut 3,000 ASIC miners. chip. Based on 144 chips per ant miner, it can be roughly calculated that Bitumin's scheduled 30,000 7nm nano wafers will produce about 625,000 7nm bitcoin miners in two quarters.



Under normal circumstances, the price of a ASIC mine wafer is less than 8,000 US dollars. According to the current tight production capacity and repeated price increases, there have been rumors that the TSMC 7-inch process 12-inch wafer cost is raised to 10,000 US dollars. Bitcoin mainland's 30,000-piece wafer order price may reach 300 million US dollars (about 2.06 billion yuan).



In contrast, TSMC's chips are more likely to be supplied to manufacturers with stable demand for more than 12 months. Because the demand between mining machine manufacturers and the currency price is too close, their demand is highly volatile. The capacity of the mining machine is generally determined when the manufacturer's chip is placed three to six months ago. The response of the manufacturer's production capacity is generally lagging behind, and it is impossible to maintain a stable demand for the chip.



Therefore, it is reported that, unlike the previous order, TSMC may require Bitcoin to pay a larger proportion of the deposit, and even need to pay the full amount before production. According to sources, for the batch of orders worth US$300 million, Bitcoin has already “paid” to TSMC, which suggests that Bitcoin currently has sufficient cash.



Because of the recent good currency prices, the demand for mining machines on the market is strong, and the mining machine has been snapped up on the line, which is in short supply. According to the official website of Ant Mining Machine, the ants SHA256 mining machine is sold out, and the ant mining machine S17 (53T) and ant T17 (40T) are delivered in September this year. The order delivery of Shenma mining machine M20s (68T) and M21s (56T) was even scheduled for November. Previously, industry insiders have analyzed that the mining capacity is likely to be loose from September to October (that is, near the end of the flood season).



It is expected that the planned third- and fourth-quarter wafers in the mainland will be able to ship new ant mines by the end of 2019 or the first to second quarters of 2020, which can roughly estimate the bit continent to 2020. The first to second quarters will provide 33 million TH/s of computing power. This will further push up the overall network computing power, so mining has to catch up early, after all, the current mining difficulty is not very high.